Established in 1936 as part of a growing network of Round Tables throughout the world then and today.

Visit us at exeter.roundtable.co.uk

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Round Table is a men's initiative and in general is often described as a club for busy people. Our members are a great bunch of guys who want to DO MORE in their spare time, without needing to waste time organizing groups time and time again. This is avoided by having a fixed schedule of meeting every other Monday evening. Our meetings are well attended. This is partly because we subsidize them through a monthly membership. So the more events you attend, the better value for money you get from your membership! We rotate the responsibility of organizing the events schedule, along with other roles that keep the club running.

The other side of our club is about putting back into the community and driving charity fundraisers. This takes many forms (it depends on what members want to do!), but there are some on-going events.
  • Bonfire Night Charity Fireworks Display @ Westpoint
  • A Christmas Float collection in December on the streets throughout Exeter
The Round Table motto is "Adopt, Adapt, Improve". Fundamental to this is a continuous renewal of members, assisted by a strict maximum age rule. When our members turn 41 they are invited to join "41 Club". They then have 4 years to decide when or if they want to go. It might sound a bit strange at first, but this paves the way for new younger members to run the club in their own way. We have a great relationship with our 41 Club and from time to time enjoy joint events.

Learn what has been achieved by past generations and why

Make changes to make the club more relevant to current members

Make it a club we can all be proud to be members of!